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You thought Limewire™ was over!it might be,but this is when a new ERA begins!It begins with bringing

back Limewire except the Pirate Version™!What really happened was Limewire was getting Law suite for

illegal music download & shared files,and they where forced to shutdown by the Internet

Police!Unfortunately stooping Limewire can only make it grow bigger.Over +200 million downloads of

Limewire software it's self,and more than 1 billion files share,Limewire is banned but back!You can

download the newest version at the download page for Windows and other operating systems or click the

download button below!We are theP2P (Peer 2 Peer) world!This is not the official website for the new Pirate

Edition,we are only hosting and



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Before Limewire Was Banned:



After Limewire Pirate Was Created:


Limewire Pirate 5.6.2 Is the latest edition released! .